RX 580 Red Devil BIOS

RX 580 Red Devil BIOS

Someone out there have the most recent BIOS for Red Devil RX 580 8GB Golden Sample? I don’t know if mine is updated,but the noise is really annoying.


  1. PowerColor
    PowerColor ( User Karma: 65 ) says:

    Hello there. There is no BIOS update for your card. What noise is it that you’re experiencing? If it is fan noise (loud whooshing or whining-whoosh sound) then you can adjust the undervolt the card and adjust the fan speed curve in Wattman. This may alleviate the issue. It is located in the Radeon Settings application under Gaming -> Global Settings -> Global Wattman. If it is electrical noise (a high-pitched whining sound), then the possible solution for the fan noise may apply here also. Please let us know if it works for you.

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