My RX590 has died(?) or..

My RX590 has died(?) or..

Windows 10
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
PSU: ATX Chieftec BDF-850C 850W
RAM: Kingston HyperX HX426C16FB2/8 (x2)

Hi guys! Dear readers of the forum and I hope that gentlemens from PowerColor will read this too.

Sorry, English is not my native language

IF SHORTLY: it seems my NEW RX590 has died = (
At startup:
1) An image appears
2) The speaker makes a cheerful one signal
3) The screen goes blank
4) The video card’s coolers stop
5) The sound makes it clear that the computer restarts
6) The speaker makes Three signals (one long, two short) – Video adapter is not responding.

IF you want to know the situation, you have the same or want help me somehow, here is MY FULL STORY:

From the beginning, my new RX590 worked fine. I just assembled and turned on the computer – installed the operating system – installed the drivers from the AMD website, etc.

This RX590 worked for about 2 weeks after the start of use, it should be especially noted that I did not overload it. I mean, I don’t like to wind up the settings on “ULTRA” to “look at each pixel in 4K”. No, this is the usual 1920×1080.
In games I just put “high textures”, turn off anti-aliasing, the rest of the settings are medium-high, well, (everything in that spirit), I think you understand.

(You ask, “why did I buy such a card at all then” ??) Well, I just had a certain budget and I decided to take 590, because it was new. Version from PowerColor I liked, because I didn’t need all these unnecessary overclocking, etc. I needed a normal temperature and stable work

Everything was good, all the necessary applications worked, sometimes for 2-3 hours I started the games, mostly: “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege”. As far as I remember – FPS was around 130-150, the temperature did not exceed 61ºC – 65ºC.

Then the day X came:
I launched the “Black Desert Remastered”(damn it). EXACTLY remember that I set ALL the settings to Minimum, because I knew that the game was “capricious.”
Surprisingly, everything went EXCELLENT, it took about an hour or more and suddenly: 1) BLACK SCREEN – 2) Reboot – 3) The speaker issues 3 signals – Video adapter does not respond.

And from this point on, in the beginning the Video Card starts up and the emblem of the motherboard appears on the screen, after a minute or less the scenario with the black screen and the cooler(video card’s coolers stop) repeats.

When I brought the video card to the store where I bought it – the video card also turned on in the beginning from the store employees on their stand, then it turned off.

On January 25, they took it, on a 45-day “inspection” to identify there is a disruption and “if the case is a warranty” or not.
I still have not received an answer, but taking into account the bad reviews about their warranty in the network, I do not really hope for something.

The most sad thing about all this is that I did not do anything to “kill” the video card. I didn’t try to overclock, I didn’t want to “load” it with high settings, etc.

Maybe now I am left without RX590 and money, but even if I am offered to replace it..or refund.
I do not even know, there are just a other topics on the forums where people have similar problems with RX590. But their cards turn’s on after the “Black screen”, mine isn’t. I was not lucky.

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